Landlord-friendly short-term rentals

PairUp is a collaborative management solution to short term rentals for residents and landlords

How PairUp Works

1. Create an account on PairUp

2. Set terms with your landlord

3. Prepare your home for guests

4. Leave us the keys



Property Protection

PairUp will repair or replace items of your personal property if they get damaged while we’re managing your home. PairUp also carries liability insurance for its activities, in case of a more serious claim.

Tax Management

PairUp will collect and remit both the lodging taxes and the sales taxes for all rental activity on your behalf. That means no paperwork or tax compliance for you to worry about!

Payment Security

PairUp never collects any payment information, so your security is never at risk. We use a secure e-transfer system to send you monthly payouts of your rental earnings.


PairUp provides a user dashboard where you can oversee all the rental activity going on in your home. You’ll be able to see who is in your home, for how long, and how much they are paying you

For Landlords

Building Feature

The option to use home sharing will give your building a keen competitive advantage when attracting prospective new tenants.

Additional Income

Landlords who partner with PairUp receive a share of the short-term rental earnings on top of regular rents. Also, PairUp can help you to monetize any fully-furnished units between leases.


PairUp provides a special landlord dashboard that allows you to see who is staying in which apartments in your building, for how long, with how many people, and for how much.

Liability Insurance

PairUp carries specific insurance that covers short-term rental activity. Your building will be protected by our policy at no cost to you.

About us

What is PairUp?

PairUp is a short-term rental management company. We combine tech solutions and industry-leading practices to create home sharing opportunities that benefit everyone.

Our mission

An empty home is a waste of space, and PairUp’s mission is to un-waste space. Instead of leaving your home empty when you’re away, you can make money from it by working with PairUp.

Our ethics

PairUp believes that a holistic approach to short-term rentals is necessary. Home sharing has many benefits, but we do not believe that they should come at the expense of neighbours, landlords, or avoiding taxes. We are proving the viability of responsible home sharing.

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