Turn an empty home into a full wallet

PairUp is a marketplace for property management and short-term vacancies

How PairUp Works

1. Create an account on PairUp

2. Get paired up with a manager

3. Meet your manager in person

4. Leave your manager the keys



Property Protection

PairUp supports managers if they have to file claims for any possible damages, plus, PairUp carries insurance and will reimburse users for theft and damages up to $1500.

Paying the Fair Share

PairUp automatically collects and remits all hotel taxes for its users.

Payment Security

PairUp securely automates all payouts so that no one misses a payment, ever.

Man(ager) Down System

If your manager defaults on their agreement with you for any other reason, PairUp will replace them in one week or less.

For Managers

Limited Liability

PairUp provides online agreement forms so that no-one is held unfairly accountable for anything.

Hospitality Resources

PairUp provides support, resources, and templates that will make a good manager a great host.

Tax Management

PairUp automatically collects and remits all hotel taxes for its users.

Mass Payouts

PairUp will automate all payouts, saving you time and preventing any accounting errors.

About us

What is PairUp?

PairUp is an online platform that connects property managers and property holders while providing all the tools needed to make hosting short-term rentals a breeze.

Our mission

PairUp’s mission is to un-waste space. Instead of leaving your beautiful home empty while you’re away or on vacation, you can now make money from it by working with a manager on PairUp. Space, un-wasted.

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